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Core Range

Paradise Funk

Notes: A funky yet delicate duo bursts with exotic flavours. A harmony of caramelized pineapple, smooth vanilla and sweet toffee.

Bittersweet Symphony

Notes: This smoothly decadent number shimmers with fiery sweetness and bold malt character. Ending on a flourish of dark chocolate and dried fruits.

Smokin Riff

Notes: An explosive campfire smoke solo, accompanied by a backing track of toffee, pears, raisins and cinnamon.

2023 Limited Edition Blends

Joy. Discovery. Invention

Notes: Vanilla, toffee, summer fruits, pineapple


Notes: Campfire Smoke, Toffee Apple, Pear

Purple Haze

Notes: Dark chocolate, berries, toffee, cinnamon

Collaboration Drop

Collaboration Drop 01: Starward

Notes: Bonfire smoke on a sea breeze harmonised with red berries, cigar box spices and coconut. Best enjoyed on a Scottish or Australian beach.